Wish your child had books with families that look more like yours?

Some kids have two moms, some have two dads, and some have a mom and a dad. Luca Learns is a 3-in-1 storybook for toddlers to explore colors, numbers, and opposites, and is offered in three versions to better reflect your family unit. 

Meet Luca

Hi, I’m Luca, and I’m a curious kid just like you!

Join me, my brother Leo and our parents as we learn all about colors, numbers and opposites together in this 3-in-1 storybook.

We’re going to have so much fun counting the stars, playing outside in the rain, and reading books just like this one.


Why I Wrote This Book

Inspired by my own young children, I initially wrote Luca Learns to have a fun tool to teach them about colors, numbers, and opposites. Shortly after the book was completed, some friends announced the arrival of their first child. Excited at the prospect of my friends becoming parents, I prepared to send them a copy of the book, only to realize that the stories of Luca, and his Mommy and Daddy, were not representative of their two dad household. Thus, Luca Learns was reborn in three family editions, Mommy & Mama, Daddy & Dada, and Mommy and Daddy, helping add to children’s literature depicting inclusive families.

M. Hawkins

Which Family Looks More Like Yours?

Color Oopsie Coloring Book

Do you love to color as much as Luca? Buy an accompanying coloring book! (Also available in three versions.)

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